Tuesday, August 30, 2011

going on facebook for inspiration....

not working....

rawrrrrr. i don't know what to write from the Othello essay. it's too broad and hard at the same time.
this is gay.

also, i kind of realised my unfinished ext story doesn't have a hero in it, fail. since i'm doing a topic on heroes. my ext teacher was finally here today (: and he suggested we swap stories-anyone? i like to read stories (:

mines actually lame. i don't know what to do in my story. and there is kind of a hanging end/unended story line.

i want to perform in variety night but none of my group is going (well i don't think ) so there's not much point since it won't be as much fun without friends.

haven't even started studying for maths DDD=

i think i look like a tall 8year old girl with my pigtails...


  1. Toan.Daxland@gmail.com

    I'm always up for story sharing.

    Though I'm not in your class.

  2. I don't think I have your email.

    Also, that sounds dodgy~