Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i scared myself this morning while walking down the stairs. i have this one massive ugly bruise, and its those ones which actually hurt.

my partner forgot to say one palm card in ext, maybe cos we didn't rehearse it, but she does drama and she's suppose to make the presentation run smoothly, not me (mini rage)
other presentations are sooo good. there was this pair with 2iphones and 1 smartphone and they remotely connected their phone to the computer with their speech and powerpoint slide on their phone. soo cooo!

to other news:
i ALWAYS GET THE DODGY EQUIPMENT in physics. and he only gave us 2 extra mins ):
the test wasn't hard if you had logic, well i don't have any logic ): which means i'm gonna fail this 10% and i'm not going to do well in UMAT.....

and i forgot how to do all the easy stuff in the maths test (and it was a year9 test so superr sad)

i asked my chem teacher who wrote the trial paper. he said everyone cooperated and it was well constructed/composed. aka it's going to be harrrrrrrrrrrrd and im gonna have a heart attack during the exam (well i hope not....)

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