Sunday, August 14, 2011

ophelia, that is such a genius idea <3

wah, physics NQE tomorrow. i HAVE NOT TOUCHED IT SINCE THE TIME THEY GAVE OUT THE BOOKLETS which was about 4 months ago.
so i am currently trying to skim read the answers and try to take as much knowledge out of the answers

why did i pay 20 bucks to do something which i am fully going to guess. and you can't even guess the long responses so i'll need to sound technical :S i'm probably going to get a * HSC mark or the equivalent. as in i'm going to get under 50%.

btw, i suck at physics. my hy mark reflects how bad i am at physics.

good luck to eco-ers and people who have assessments this week (:

i was supposed to practise parking today. but i woke up too late ): but i can reverse out of our long-ish driveway and reverse park with our big car (: yay for parking cameras and sensors (: so doing it with the small car should be easier...right...even if it's not equipped with all the cool stuff.....

wolverine (: i think we hired it when it came out on DVD but my bro is still recording it.... :S

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