Friday, August 19, 2011

Games Night 2011

twas fun (: i missed out on the sock games but our team won a few (: Snow Brown and the Seven Dwarves (: and we didn't come last. came like 5/6/7 out of 14 (?) teams.
i thought people weren't gonna fit. good organisational skills house captains (i highly doubt any of them would read this...)
my throat still sounds normal....

and happy one year holding a license (:

and we got chem back today. he said monday-liiiiiiiiiiiiiiesssssss.
i promised myself after the yr8 term 2 maths test that i wouldn't cry in class. (i actually did really bad on that test that even ALL the "not so smart people" did better than me. i think the teacher chucked out my paper cos i didn't want it) so i didn't cry in class today.
but bawled myself out in the car.

that's how badly i did.
asdfghjkl. i put soooo much effort and the marks don't reflect it. it's my worst science test mark EVER, and its fricken trials and HSC and atar related and it's the one which i failed in. zomg, they don't tell you to draw a diagram and i didn't which meant i lost 2 out of 4 marks. and other stupid stuff i wrote which seems like two different people did my hy test and my trail test. what was wrong with me? and it's too late to write a doctor's certificate. you know how some people "peak" early, well i don't even peak at all. my rank is going to drop 70+ places. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):
i checked my paper, but obviously not thoroughly enough. the long and tedious 2 markers which you need to draw and write 4 points of stuff and one thing wrong and you automatically lose a mark. and now if you include wrong stuff the mark you down so you have to have a precise answer. asdfghjkl. simple questions required hard/complex answers. our class average was 58. but our average is always 10-15 below the grade average.
this is supposed to be my "good" subject.
sometimes i wonder if changing school was the best idea for my marks. i mean scaling is good, but it only works if you DON'T FRICKEN FAIL.

and why did they have to take out the 3 marker which i fully answered just because a comma was put in the wrong place and "mercury" was used instead of "fuel" which made people "unhappy" i was perfectly fine with that question.

there were soooooo many big fat red zeroes all over my paper which i wanted to rip up, but would not be beneficial for my HSC.

even though i had fun tonight, my mark was at the back of my head )))))))): worst mark ever. (going to be) worst rank ever. i'm gonna go in a hole and cry. even though there's nothing i can do about it unless i argue my way through every single question i got wrong which is close to impossible....

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