Thursday, August 25, 2011


in some parts iwas sooo close to falling asleep.
the shadows were cool.
i guess there were some lame funny stuff.

i think today was the first time i went to penrith's westfield. it's really wierdly designed, like a U shape. so to get to the other food court we had to go around then trek all the way back to the buses. we were supposed to be at school by 2 but we ended up like 45min late.

first time scanning with my mac. twas more troublesome than my other laptops, but the file saving stuff is more convenient (:
so many files to download....(actually it was only 2....)

edit: i forgot to say that i'm not even doing Hamlet next year so i didn't really pay much attention to it. everyone ALWAYS dies in Shakespeare's. he must love killing people, fictionally

also, my parents (and I , i guess) got invited to a very different wedding, even the invite said it was different because it's an....OUTDOOR WEDDING ((((((((((: i've never been to an outdoor one and they gonna still haven't even if it rains, so hopefully it doesn't rain. and another excuse to wear dresses (: yay, i love weddings (i may have said this before) oh, and the couple are asian so it's very different to have an outdoor wedding, i think.

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