Thursday, August 18, 2011

oh damn, i forgot to ask the careers advisor about UAC.

someone please come Uni in a Day with me. it's at macq uni on 29th sept. it's in the hols. all the good ones are gone ): but i don't want to be lonered there...

sooo much hw ):

did anyone watch the news on channel ten around 11pm last night?
well channel 10 had a function and they hired my dad's company to package some cups like the easy way ones. so my dad did about 300 of those cups with juice/cocktails inside. and i calculated it and including machine hire/work/material/delivery of the stuff, each plastic up cost 10 DOLLARS. yeah, i was fully laughing. only rich companies like 10 can afford to pay 10dollars for plastic cups, not even including the juice inside.

an then they had to hire everything since that place was an empty function room. if plastic cost $10 a piece, imagine how much lights/food/electricity/water/alcohol/the barternders would cost....

i want to sleep.


  1. I'm going to the uni days for Syd/UNSW, not macquarie though

  2. Our entire grade went to uni in a day at macq but I didn't go because I forgot to pay! ahahaha... Isaac is going I think, I might go too if I don't have anything important to do


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