Thursday, September 29, 2016

Aladdin The Musical

This was my fourth muscial, and I loved Aladdin! The sets, dancing, songs. and the genie was hilarious. They also made some references to Aus culture. There's less singing compared to Les Mis where they only had one spoken word. I think I prefer Les Mis since it's deeper, but I still love Disney and Aladdin. Probably on par with Lion King (although I don't remember much since I watched it in yr 2...)

I was planning to watch this when it was going to end, so tickets would be cheaper. Wasn't dying to watch it, but so glad I did. Bought cheap tickets so sat near the back. Their costumes were super sparkly and a lot of the props were super shiny. Could still see alright at the back, just can't see the detail of their make up.

It was quite full as well. Ended up getting an over priced tote bag, but I normally buy a souvenir after watching a musical.

I highly recommend if you don't normally like musicals, since this one had the least amount of singing,

Favourite scene was probably the genie when he first appeared, and the magic carpet. From the back, you can't even see the cables holding onto the carpet.

Was lovely having a nice dinner beforehand with friends, and more dessert afterwards.

standard ticket shot

at the back

they always decorate the foyer to match the musical



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  1. Haha love how you turned sitting at the back into a positive! I guess not being able to see the details of the working did allow you to keep some of the 'magic' of the production alive :)