Wednesday, September 28, 2016

EyeBall 2016

It was a fun night at Four Season Hotel. First time tickets were 3 digits, and they were already sponsored, but I guess it's because of the location.

It was spring themed this year, so pretty easy to dress up. I actually bought a dress earlier this year which was super cheap, and coincidentally floral. The table centrepieces were on point, I think this year is the best so far, but also had the worst music/dj. When there was food, the music was alright, then once people started going on the dance floor, the music went down hill.

Everything felt really rushed this year. I think everyone was running late, and took forever to get seated. Entrees came out quickly, but waited a while for mains and desserts. Didn't get a lot of photos in the Photo Booth, but the lighting on it was better, and the space was also bigger. Before you know it, the lights were on and the dj just stopped abruptly, and the night was over.

Love the table setting

rosemary on name cards

Real flowers <3

menu (no time to type it up)


Cooked well considering the large numbers of people. Pancetta wasn't really crispy, and not enough puree

Pork Belly

This was mine, and again not enough sauce. The pork wasn't too fatty which was a plus, but since it wasn't crackling, quite hard to cut the skin.


Cooked well but wished there was crispy skin...again, probs hard to control for so many people. Wasn't much chorizo in the salad, 


Tried a bit of this, and yes, pink in the middle and quite soft. The potato gratin was also nicer than the mash, but the jus lacked flavour.

We got out desserts quite late when the lights were dimmer than before, and in a rush to eat dessert, didn't have time to take a good photo...


Quite ordinary, tbh I think my baked cheesecake is better. The compote wasn't too sweet, and the twig is cute as well. Liked last year's desserts better

Praline and chocolate dessert

The praline ice cream was nice, wished my cheesecake had ice cream...

some friends who decided to make use of the decorations on the table

rare selfie with flowers

stole a leaf (?) crown

#eyeball2016 #flatlay

It was a really fun night with friends, and everyone looked so lovely! (:

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