Friday, September 16, 2016

Bus on Fire

At 5:23pm, there was a bus that caught fire on the Harbour Bridge yesterday. Of allll the places in Sydney, why did it have to catch fire on the bridge and during peak hour??? Even half an hour later would've been better, or like 1km after leaving the bridge. 

I hopped onto my bus and the driver was saying something which I didn't get. Felt it was strange not many people at the bus stop/on the bus/many buses coming in. Checked Trip View and saw this:


Yay for Telstra Air at my bus stop, but nooo, it would take at least 2 hours to get home from the city, normally a 30min drive or 1hr bus ride. I asked the driver and he said that he just had to wait for the roads to clear. After sitting on the bus not moving for 20mins, decided to catch the train.

Kent St onto the Harbour Bridge, cars legit not moving for kilometres...

The train station felt like HK. By then it was around 6:15, and it was packed. Saw a friend's snap an hour ago and people were lining up outside the station, because there wasn't even enough room to go down the escalators to the underground trains. So thankful my mum is the type who can pick me up whenever there's a need. I really don't understand other people's parents who always have to make their child find their own way home even if it's like midnight, or they just have to get their friends to give a lift even if it's not even convenient for the friend...

Bus was still stuck there...

When the train went over the bridge around 6:45pm, they opened 3 north bound lanes, but the bus I was initially going to catch still didn't move at around 7pm. So glad I decided to catch the train since got home just half an hour later than normal. My closest train station was also so crazy at 7:15pm. Normally everyone would be home by now, but people from neighbouring suburbs came to pick people up. It was actually quite crazy, and you actually can see how important buses are for the Hills.

I guess luckily no one got injured in those flames, and better in evening than morning, where going to uni on time was kind of on the verge of a mini heart attack, esp if you were late for clinic/pracs/exams. I normally allow an extra hour for traffic accidents, but for bus fires, I guess I need to allow for 2...


There are more bus frustrations, but I think that's enough for this post.

Don't even want to work both days again this weekend, was planning to go out and eat/do some study, but I guess I should be grateful I have a job. At this rate, don't even know if I'll have a job once I graduate.

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  1. Times like this, it makes you appreciate (even more) what our parents do for us. Though optimally we should always be doing that!