Sunday, September 11, 2016


This time of year when we start stocking our 4 fridges with ice cream, hehe.

It's even more disappointing than the ice-cream. They are on sale at woolies, 4 for $5 (normally $7), but they're only 70g each, so super light compared to normal Cornettos from my childhood days...Couldn't taste much of that crumb which is pretty much the best part of a normal Golden Gaytime. There was too much chocolate sauce on top an too much chocolate at the bottom of the cone. The ice cream itself lacked flavour. Even the tub version has more of that toffee and vanilla flavour, although the crumb is weirdly soggy. The original paddle pop remains the best.

The sermon today was a really good reminder of God's grace. Just like a download, if it stops at 1% or 99%, it has still failed. No matter what how great or small things we have achieved or not achieved, we have all fallen short, and only through God's grace we are not lost but saved (:

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