Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sake Jr.

Pitt St Mall food court on level 5 has changed quite a bit recently. On their first day of opening they had  500 bowls for free, and I made it just in time to grab a freebie and try this place out.

It's kind of a new concept with Japanese food (not run by Japanese), and a modern fusion of other cuisines. You line up to pick a base, a protein, a sauce, and then unlimited veggies and other toppings/ garnish and they fill your bowl in front of you. Each one costs $15. They also have other sushi, juices and snacks available,

so many choices...

Bao bun, black bean wagyu beef, beans, sweet corn, seaweed

There was quite a lot of stuff going on even though they didn't feel the bowl to the brim. They gave me 3 bao buns, and chose this since I haven't had them for a while. The bad thing about them is that they soak up too much of the sauce/drssing so because soggy after a while rather than moist. The guy tried to get the beef from the bottom since the top was dusted in chilli in the serving bowl. Beef was tender, but tasted like normal beef rather than wagyu. It was quite oily and saucy as well. Veggies were well dressed in their own sauces/dressings, plus the apple soy ginger, hence at the bottom of the bowl you have all this liquid. I think udon would have been a better choice, or else try to pick things whivh aren't already cooked in sauce to avoid a mix of saltiness when you reach halfway. 

This was surprsingly not sweet. The cookie was really thin and soft without being crumbly, and chocolate layer was quite thin. Red bean strawberry flavour was subtle, but better than being artificially sweet. Would actually recomment this ice cream sandwich, probably the least sweet one I've had. I have a sweet tooth, but when you combine a sweet cookie plus sweet ice cream it's too much (unless it's not artifically flavoured...)

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