Thursday, September 8, 2016

iPhone 7

Looking back at my blog posts, i actually did give some thoughts on previous iPhone 4s/5/5s and various iOS, but not 6 and 6s. I guess things did change with Steve Jobs passing, and although I completely love Apple and iPhone, it's not as innovative as I would've imagined. Also still sticking to my current iPhone 5 because of it's nice size which fits into pockets, and small pockets inside my handbags and wristlets/pouches.

Finally a water resistant iPhone! Not water proof not sure if I can take photos underwater with it...I'm used to having one port on my current MacBook, but at least there's a separate headphone jack. Even though I'm the weird person who doesn't listen to music, I still like to watch my Snapchats  vids with earphones, and half the time I use my noise cancelling earphones to block out surrounding sounds. People are definitely gonna lose those $200+ AirPods. Also for once, the iPhone isn't slimmer. It used to get slimmer every year until the iPhone 6. I guess they have to change other features, and pause the thinning process for now. The Jet Black looks super shiny on the website, wonder what it'll look like irl.

Apparently there's not gonna be a 7s next year, rather an iPhone 8 since it'll be the 10th yr of the iPhone. 8 is one of my fav numbers (because August and other stuff), so hope my phone can last till then...

Forced myself to go swimming this morning but couldn't go for long since I had to rush back to shower then catch up hourly bus to uni. Had an ulterior motive: exercise then eat burgers and chips for lunch.

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  1. Haha every time I go swimming now I realise how deconditioned my body is to swimming :(