Wednesday, September 14, 2016


An impromtu dessert involved going to the Opera House. First time stepping inside, and wow-that architecture is so on point. The area is so vast and spacious, along with harbour views at night is a beauty. I love how Bennelong can still take walk ins at the bar for dessert. Most places you have to have either a 3/4 course meal or a degustation in order to have their signature dessert, or just a well known dessert, but here you can just come for dessert! More high end restaurants should allow for desserts only (although they probs won't profit since you've taken a space for dessert compared a person who's sitting through a degustation...) I guess the bar here is a good option, although there are limited options, they have the 2 desserts on the bar menu which I've been wanting to try. 

inside a sail of the opera house


the 8th chocolate element (sauce)

chocolate cake from across the water-$28


Wow, that super thin piece of tempered chocolate being melted is quite superb. 8 different textures of chocolate is amazing. It does become a bit rich and sweet after a while 9and I'm not a massive chocolate fan), but it had all the textures you can ask for: soft, smooth, crisp choc, crunchy base, melt in your mouth pieces. If I didn't see the video of its construction, I would be able to easily distinguish 6 different textures, the last 2 were a bit less distinct. Pretty sure this used to be at Quay a while ago, but they moved this dessert here, hence the 'across the water.'

Cherry Jam Lamington-$28


This was in a pressure test on MasterChef, and seeing them making and constructnig it, you definitely know you got your money's worth. it takes the core essential of the Aussie lamington, but completely transforms it. It's actually not really sweet, rather the flavours of each element really come through. It comes with that smoking nitrogen, and once that clears you see the cake. Cut into it, there's the cherry ice cream which is still cold after a lot of photo taking. The ice cream flavour is full of flavour, yet holds back on the sweetness. There's an acidic cherry jam part in the centre. Then there's the sponge which you'll find in a lamington at the base, just the perfect amount of sweetness. The coconut shavings on the side are amazing. They completely melt in your mouth, but not on the plate. Never tasted something so smooth, cold, creamy but not rich, refreshing, and super flavourful and light at the same time. Coconut but reinvented. I would actually come back for a proper dinner and order this dessert again (:

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  1. The elegance of those desserts is really special! So is the inside of the Opera House :) Once performed there for the choir in Year 6 and the acoustics and interior was pretty cool.