Monday, September 26, 2016

Tonight marks the night my phone died. Used every day, almost 4 years old. ))))))))))))))))):

I don't know what happened, it was low on battery, charged it, then it stuffed up, and restarting it won't work, and both my Macs don't recognise the iPhone. What also doesn't help is that there's no stock of iPhone 7 in Aus. Why did my phone have to die now, why not a few weeks later when the new iPhones are in stock. Not even mentally prepared to buy a new iPhone, and it takes 2-3weeks availability, but can't last without a phone for even a day...

I was also going to back my iPhone up this week, but haven't backed anything up since July. Goodbye forever lost birthday photos ))):

And why are there almost no appointments available for the Genius Bar for iPhones?

Trying to find old phones at home to use. Too bad my iPhone 3 doesn't turn on anymore ):
Also, apparently it was the Optom School who decided to give us a night exam before contact lenses the next day, 90% sure they are trying to further sabotage us and fail more of us.

today is not my day. whole night wasted D=

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  1. I know!!!! The pain of lost photos. T_T Lost all of my '4th anniversary of life after the HSC' photos when my mac crashed.