Friday, September 23, 2016

Lorraine's Patisserie

I thought I've bought something here before, but actually haven't only walked past. I was here for the signature Date Tart that I had in Rockpool (which has reopened as Eleven Bridge) earlier this year, but unfortunately they don't make it anymore. Apparently they might make it later once the menu changes or something. You can see the whole kitchen once you walk in, but in terms of standing space inside the shops probably max 4 people. There's also no seating, but I do have to give credit on their better quality cake boxes and recyclable paper bags instead of plastic.

sweet treats to end a not so great week

look at that brûlée on top

Marscapone cake: Lightened mascarpone, layered with crisp coconut dacquoise, fresh strawberries-$9

One of their signature cakes, this was better than I expected. A good hit of coconut in the dacquouise and not as sweet as the almond dacquoisde in then Strawberry and Watermelon cake from Black star. This one was more dense and moisture didn't soak into it as easily. Loved the creaminess from the mascarpone and it wasn't too rich either. That brûlée top gave a subtle touch of bitterness. Probably on par with the Black Star cake. 

Rhubarb pie: Buttery pastry, rhubarb compote, crunchy demerera sugar-$9.50


A friend recommended this, and I trust her judgement since she's eaten some of the best pastries in the world. It looked really sweet with all that brown sugar on top, but surprisingly it was really needed to help balance out the sourness from the rhubarb. The pastry had a harder texture and not too buttery. The crunch from the sugar on top made it fun to eat.

Lorraine cutting out a slice of my cake

They run out of things throughout the day, so they keep making more. Waited around 5mins for the cakes to be sliced and wrapped with plastic on the side. Will be back sometime to try the cheesecake, and hopefully they would start making the date tart again...

dessert cabinet

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