Friday, September 2, 2016

Rotation 3: Internal Meltdown

Stressed and it's not even optom related.

This week I realised I can never be one of those people who spend hours on the phone each day. Spent over 5 hours on my phone this week, and also experienced  4 days without internet.

So last week we upgraded our plan to have my data, and they said that we could get cable. The technician never came, and before we knew, they cut our ADSL line on Monday. Luckily I had night clinic on Monday night which didn't really affect me much, but the phone calls during those few days could've been spent study/doing assignments.

Scheduled another technician to come, only to go to our neighbours house even though they were supposed to come to our house, and they said we provided the wrong address. I ALREADY CONFIRMED THE ADDRESS TWICE, SECOND TIME THE NIGHT BEFORE. How can they even get the address wrong when we just automatically upgraded our plan online??? Then called again since our internet was still down, and scheduled another guy, who didn't even turn up on Wednesday.

By this time, I came to the realisation I'm going to do badly in my mid sem next week, and under so much stress. My brother/mum called and managed to schedule a guy for Thursday. THE GUY CAME, but he was the same guy who came last year when we initially joined Telstra and said we weren't eligible for cable. But head office says we are, and our neighbours have cable, which meant the guy was just lazy to install it. So after some persistence on my Mum's part, and getting him to provide his ID number and going to make a compliant since he was like, 'Oh, I might come back on Saturday with some new cables.' But who freaking installs stuff on the weekend, esp those big companies who only work Mon-Fri? and that'll be a full week without internet at home, and apparently ADSL connection codes take a few days to activate once they turned it off.


The guy actually came back on Thurs afternoon, probably because I was calling at uni and got transferred to the complaints officer, who was the 4th person I talked to that day. Was on the phone for a full 2 hours and my battery drained quickly. I am 99% sure after 9pm, all the calls get transferred somewhere else (like India, because all I heard was Indians talking, not being racist, but they don't seem like they know what they're doing). So pissed that I couldn't be bothered dealing with crowds to get freebies on VFNO.

Then we finally got cable installed! Since they had to go to our roof and had to do extra work/bring extra people, they probably ceebs the first time round. 

By the way, Telstra people pick up the phone ASAP, but they are so messy with their admin work and transfer you to a million people.

Lesson learnt: always get the employee name and ID number, and reference telephone number. Never got a reference telephone number, but if you ask those details, they're more inclined to do stuff.

Cable is indeed fast, and doesn't slow down when there's rain/wind (I live in the Hills so can't avoid big winds...).

I personally called at least 10 people, and my Mum/Dad/bro also called at least 3 people each, and none of them seemed to follow up on each other or make notes on our file about what was happening. Like I was getting a quote from a contractor to instal cables, but at home they were already installing stuff. Please, talk to each other! Overall, called at least over 20 people.

The billing is still screwed up even though they said we got some credit from the whole ordeal. I'll deal with that later. And the Telstra Air app is screwed as well, since it says activated on the account, but I can't log in to the app. Again, worry about that after the exam. 

There's more to rage on about, but I should spend this ranting time studying...

Then there was today. My laptop doesn't automatically connect to the wifi without entering the wifi password every time. Noooo, why does all this have to happen the week before my only mid sem which I haven't even started studying???

phoning Apple Support

Normally when I call, my problems get resolved pretty quickly, but this time stayed on the phone for over 1.5 hours, after getting transferred to 2 people, and problem still remains unresolved and I have to call them again tmr. Whyyy. All the other devices connect automatically in the house

The only comfort in this whole week was getting some free food (which I'll try to blog about once I actually get some study done and complete my never ending assignments)

Sake Jr: rice bowl

ice cream sandwich

$5 pho

Apart from spending my morning/most of the day this week making phone calls, I think I'll come to like this rotation. 5:30am wake up then arrive back home at 10.30pm, but can wake up after 8 from Tues-Fri (which kind of means wasting study time sleeping).

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