Tuesday, September 27, 2016

From iPhone 5 to 7

Was not mentally prepared to get a new phone, but going out the whole week/group work/events/work etc means I need a phone. Life felt so disorganised without a phone. If I was staying at home the whole week, I would have tried to get my phone fixed or borrow someone's phone, or if it was stuvac then that's ok since I reduce procrastinating on my phone.

The Apple Store was already full at 9am. What even. Had to line up to pick up my phone, then line up again to see if my phone can be fixed. No hope. The computer still can't detect my iPhone. Apparently out of warranty replacement is $380. Not worth it, it's only worth $75 ($100 before the 7 was released). Rather use that to the new phone. Impulse choice going with the rose gold.

iOS 10 feels so different, and plus a bigger phone, touch ID plus those force stuff touch. Finally can take more infocus pictures in dim lighting, but there's quite a few new features on camera. There's too many new features, and ended up deleting most of them (because now you can delete preinstalled apps). Oh, also have missed a vibrating phone (since the vibration stopped working over a year ago...) What I don't like is now on the mail app you can't select all and delete all. It's like how when they changed to El Capitan on OS X on preview, you press the text box and it pops up in the middle rather than you selecting where the box goes by clicking anywhere on the page. The simple things that they change really annoys me, but I still love Apple.

I guess I finally have memory space rather than running on 200mb for over the past year for photos and apps, and battery that can last me for over a day, plus doesn't lag and is waterproof.

Just my phone doesn't fit into my pockets, and handbag pockets properly...

Phone problem took up all of Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The stress is real.

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  1. Yay for being able to delete apps!

    And take it easy, you can't help it when inconvenient stuff like dead phones happen. Not your fault.