Wednesday, November 27, 2013

woke up at 11.30 today, twas such a bad idea. then appointments and appointments. i'm such a proble child. all these "issues" which can lead to bigger problems...also went acupuncture today, argh more needles.

still have at least 3 appointments to go to, 2 which i have yet to book. not looking forward to getting stuff cut out/more anaesthetics. i thought the only time i would get anaesthetics would be for more teeth...btw, i only got 2 wisdom teeth taken out last time, i hope the other 2 stay put...

had a bbq at plus (uni group at church) today. ate so much =/ but i made sure to not eat brekkie/snacks and only a small lunch. btw, no matter how i cook the meat from Parlour Burger, the middle still stays pink =/ played taboo, but lost count of how many cards people got. some people are so good at it! didn't play jungle speed, but it sounds interesting. played this games where you sit in chairs and try to throw the ball around the room to your respective goals. it was quite fun until a guy chucked the ball at a light, and we have these new fluorescent lights installed just recently, but the lid thing came off =/ so then we stopped after. bbqs are so fattening =/ also, i should stop getting baked eggs and opt for poached. the worse/fattening things are deep fried, fried, baked, then poached/steaming things are the healthiest.

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