Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oaks Lawn Marquee

i don't even think i'll be eligible for a supplementary exam. couldn't even do half the paper. most people just can't do one question, which is expected of in physics. 

and if i do get a sup exam, then i have to study again ): the only comforting thing is that i think phys isn't a prerequisite for my subjects next year, so provided i do alright in both my visn subjects and chem marks nicely, then i can continue on to second year...but i don't want to repeat physics.... =/ or maybe phys has a summer course, like if normal chem has one i hope phys has one too. but i don't do normal chem, so i really hope i didn't bomb out too badly on mc. or else 50/110 marks gone...

i saw two people leave early. how is that possible!? you know, even if you gave me a month to do the paper, i still wouldn't be able to do it, since i just don't know how to. the mechanics lecturer sucked, don't think i even learnt anything from her properly. also, some business taxation thing was on at the same time. they had an OPEN BOOK exam for finals! i will never, ever experience an open book exam. it's times like these i wish i did an easy degree, like commerce, but the hard thing is the amount of competition when you graduate. never had an open book exam in high school ):

the oaks lawn marquee is the worst. horrible lighting. i sat in the middle, and there were no lights, only yellowish orange light on the sides of the room, and not much natural lighting flowed through since it was still cloudy, but it was pretty warm by the time we came out.

next to the race track

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