Friday, November 8, 2013

Skyline Room

wasted about 15minutes walking up and down escalators. i found the room, just that the entrances on the other side. so i followed people up the middle set of escalators, then the people told us that the entrance was on the other side. walked up the escalators on the right side of the building, 15mins before the exam they said the skyline room entrance is somewhere else. turns out it was on the far left. i saw a sig there an hour before, but no one was walking there...and couldn't see a door. turns out the door is glass and it slides lool, but if you're just walking past, you can't see the escalators and just see a glass wall.

i really like the new randwick race course building apart from a million escalators. it's airconned, and has bigger seats. but they didn't have free water like last time, and i couldn't find any non-coloured bottles at home ): the skyline room is just one of those function rooms where people watch the races from above. if you didn't know, i use to love horses. should've taken a photo of the race course...

sat near the front again =/ could see the menu at the cafe. obvs they closed the restaurant.

nice view outside the exam room (:

i love heights, especially heights with views.

multiple choice for chem was so hard ): what's worse is that they're two marks each. and i kind of guessed all of that's like 50 marks gone. there were only 10 questions/20marks out of 110 for the babs component, even though babs was supposed to be 1/3 of the subject. 

i would much rather easy mc and hard written. at last for written, you get marks for attempting/working out some of it. 2 marks each of mc is so, so bad. last time babs mc was 0.5marks (and i know i bombed out on mc last time).

too hot to study.

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