Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Circa Espresso and Hunger Games 2

i first heard/read about circa in the good cafe guide last year in yr12, but i hardly go parra, so never had the time to go. it's faster to go to the city for me than go to parra by bus, since the traffic is always horrible going to parra, whilst city traffic is bad during peak times, at least there are bus lanes. the newspapers weren't lying, the kitchen is literally 2mx2m, but yet manages to produce food with only 2 chefs (unlike the grounds where their kitchen is massive, and they have at least 10 chefs not including bakers etc).

finally made it to circa today. as expected, waited a bit for a table but it was alright. wow, the cafe is narrower in real life, compared to photos.
i understand why this cafe has three cups in the good cafe guide. it's not as bitter as people make it out to be. maybe because i got a capp. however, i prefer the grounds with their teal coloured cups-it's so pretty!
lunch (: Baked eggs: baked free-range eggs with sujuk, Danish fetta, diced tomatoes & with a hint of chilli & sourdough toast-$17
i could actually stand the spiciness of the sausage. i have a thing with baked eggs, but this time i wasn't sure if i should get the ottoman eggs, then again, i'm not a big fan of eggplant. i used to hate. parts of the egg was slightly cooked, but i guess it's expected with such a small kitchen. the sourdough crust was a tad chewier than my liking and could've been a bit more crunchier. i wanted to share the french toast with someone since i didn't want to trek to parra again just for french toast, but so glad i didn't. didn't have breakfast since i was so full from yday, and this lunch w/ two eggs was so filling for me that for dinner i had mainly vegetables. tried Better's polenta chips-first time. it's kind of weird, it's not fluffy like potatoes, but kind of mushy yet still light. i don't love it nor do i hate it.

Circa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

we got the student tues-thurs 2-5pm tickets, so the movie was $9. i got ripped off yday, the 2nd separate ticket i bought form student monday didn't get me any points. should've checked the receipt and ran back to show the guy that it says "zero points earned" even though he scanned my card in order to get there $8 offer...i only made sure to check if the session times were right (like last time i went to change a seat and the person changed to a completely different day).

i think today is my 3rd time watching consecutive movies (once before in aus, once in hk). hunger games were so good! definitely stayed true to the book. just check, and it had a running time of 146mins, thor 2 is 112, so today i think i got more value for money. but hunger games were all a good length since it covered everything form the synopsis on wiki (i read the books back in yr11, so couldn't remember much). i used to not like katniss/peta actors, but know i think they're pretty cute. also love the costumes, quite elaborate just like in book. i hate parts of movies when there is a sudden loud bang. like if i watch a scary movie, i don't get scared, i just jump when there is a loud/unexpected bang, then i get over it pretty quickly. i think it's one of the movies where it keeps getting better. kind of want to re watch it, but i NEVER re-watch movies in the cinema. also haven't bought a full priced ticket in years. can't wait for the 3rd movie (:

ahh, my throat is starting to hurt, probably from all the chilli i've been consuming. and dinner out tar night as well...you know, eating so much out is quite taxing on the body =/ yeah, so much for trying to be fit this summer. should start swimming again now that dancing is over. i still have at least 2 more dinners.

picked up my dance dvd today. quite like the editing and the angle at hillsong. wow, the dance principal's daughter is in so many dances as expected, and she won the junior performance of the year award. i think she'll win one of every type of award, but can't win after a certain stage since it's not fair to the other student, although she is pretty good. a friend a bit older than me always used to win awards every year, but after a certain stage, it was time to give other people a chance to win (she's still is super good). but i should've watched dancing with the star tonight since it was grand finals. i don't follow it anymore, but i really liked rhiannon, and she's so pretty (: too bad consentino won. no offence or anything, but it seems like all the hosts are either getting fatter or not as good looking. the host on beauty and the geek is probably the most decent over the bachelor, dancing w/ the stars etc.

i started using my wallet i bought last year since with uni over (inb4 supplementary exam), i'd chuck my branded stuff around less. but it now has a stupid pen mark. now i hate click pens. can't get the pen mark off =/

trying to organise paintball is so frustrating, especially with the times they open. don't want to waste my parents money since i borrowed their card to pay... and these days, most people's priorities are work>going out. i have yet to experience the dating>friends (i know some =/) or work>dating. again, i know people who have. they've moved cities and countries and thus are in a "long distance" relationship with the person back home. wow, i know at least 3 people under this category. tbh, does long distance even work..? then there's the your own family>work>friends/going out for adults...just some thoughts...

side note, i think i know who the other person was with clashing 21st's on last sat. also, everyone now seems to be going to the grounds. i think i'll revisit the grounds again once they've finished their extension, and they better have brûlées there...

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