Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chefs Gallery Take 2

i don't normally, actually almost never, diss apple, but the mavericks update took forever. so glad i didn't update during finals. the download itself took way over an hour, and the installation about an hour. then all these apps needed to be updated or else i can't use them, like pages and iPhoto etc. there were at least 10 extra updates after the OS X upgrade. also, it feels like browsing on safari is slower now... ): or maybe because my head still hurts. oh, my heart hurts, not really, but that boney part near your chest...

need to get used to some other additional stuff on the trackpad. it now has auto correct, so that's a plus, and searching up words with a simple tap. tabs in finder are so much more convenient. i still have yet to explore.

sorry guys, i can't afford to watch full price movies...need to save up every dollar...will explain in a future post...but i managed to see most of you (:

so met up with some physics people today, and although i've already been to chef's gallery, someone wanted to go, and personally, i can't think of any places, cafes in particular, in the city that i want to go to which aren't over $25 a dish for lunch. people came late, so my friend and i ended up sitting in there for about half an hour without ordering. luckily it was lunch, or else they would've kicked us out at dinner/not let you come in...saw this aunty from church and this other aunty i haven't seen in years. it's weird to say how the aunty i haven't seen in years looks younger now...

lunch set of pork and prawn wonton noodles w/ chicken soup, with dim sim/dessert of the day and wonton crackers $14.90

last time i added a drink for $1, but not this time (every dollar counts, haha, and didn't even feel like one). this dish wasn't bad, but isn't the best wontons i've ever had. they only gave me 4 ): however, the flavours were very distinct, and not overly seasoned like in the carlo/eastwood asian places where the soup is filled with msg, you immediately go thirsty. this soup was clear and kind of drinkable (i never drink soup bases, esp in cup noodles/instant noodles since it's filled with sodium/fat).

kind of impulse bought a top today, but for around $10 it was alright. and i love chiffon material. also, i've said this before, but i much prefer the guy over the lady at happy lab. like today i had $18ish of stuff, but the person didn't stamp it. the guy last time stamped it even though i was a bit off $20 for two stamps. why didn't the guy do the arvo shift today? he usually does the arvo shifts...

i changed my phone case after almost a year, my other clear/white one is currently yellowish with lipstick, and pen marks and just really dirty. but i really like my old one, since the case covered all the buttons, so when i changed the volume/lock my phone etc, i can do so whilst my hands are dirty since i'm just touching the plastic. it also has more grip, since it doesn't slide around on my table, whereas the case i have now, you can move it more without a lot of friction. the old case was over 10 times my current case, so with all these things, the higher the price the better the quality. i want an authentic leather iPhone case, but for $40...i would rather save up for something else...

watched some of the bachelor final episode today. awkward...personally, i don't think anna's pretty, but she's a lawyer, and who doesn't want someone smart to be their wife and have money. beauty and the geek tonight was pretty hilarious as well, even my brother found it funny. 

btw, instagram is a really good place to get smoothie recipes/healthy food ideas, i personally think they're more reliably than recipes on websites. 

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