Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dance Pointe Concert 2013

yay dance concert! (: smack bam in finals ))):

this year it was at hillsong, since the hills centre has been demolished ): i quite liked this stage since it was closer to the audience. it was wide but wasn't deep enough. except there were no wings.

third time going to hillsong. first time was seeing bear grylls. second time was at a wedding, but it was in the smaller church, not in the main auditorium. they have so many dance studios and rooms at hillsong!

the saddest part was that i didn't get any photos. i was late to rehearsals, then left early, then a bit late to the concert (well the time students were supposed to get there). and when people took photos, i was late and couldn't take any. then i was rushed during the concert with costume/hair changes, then i left early, but i didn't get any study done even though i left early. usually when i get home, i still take photos, but cause of time constraints, didn't take any either. and since this year for advance, we didn't have a dress rehearsal, so no photos of costumes etc. ahh, so sad.

there were heaps more dances this year. i left at 9.30ish and there was still the combined show pieces and finale and awards to go.

don't think i'll continue troupe next year, so much time.

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