Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grill'd Take 2

saw on fb yday that there were free grill'd burgers. why did i not know about this for the other stores? this Westfield parra store is their 73rd store nationwide. decided to chat with the person at the front. oh, and the service was pretty good. they also directed people to which tables, so like if you came alone you wouldn't take up a 3 seater table etc.

anyways, i had plans to wake up early and arrive well before 11am. you know, it's quite a trek to parra for me. ended up sleeping in and left before 11. i figured it would be cheaper for my mum and i to drive. driving to parra isn't hard, it's just a straight road. finding parking is annoying. the carpark has like two lanes merging to one and i think it's very chaotic compared to towers. even hornsby westfield is better.
outside the cinemas

line moved pretty quickly. waited a bit under half an hour, and once we ordered, it took only about 5 mins for the food to come. they had heaps of seats, i think more than chatswood. they have benches which kind of extends outside the store which weren't there on tues when i went parra. the menu was obviously really limited, and most of the burgers had the same fillings/sauce and just different meat inside. last time i went to grill'd was when i had a buy one get one free burger. we got the baa baa lamb and almighty last time, and both of these were on the short menu as well...if i didn't have them before, i would have chosen them since they have the most stuff inside and i guess more worth it. 

out of focus photo...but only photo with the stick.

we sat outside, and you'd think it'll have good lighting, but the fairy lights about made it a tad weird...

crispy bacon and cheese (beef) with panini, and "simon says" (chicken) with traditional bread

as i said before, both had very similar fillings. this meat, especially the beef was noticeably thinner than the first time i had grill'd. i'm pretty sure it's because these burgers are free they flattened it about about 2/3 of the original size, and it'll be easier to cook faster and serve people as well. but it was till delicious and so filling. (i didn't even have breakfast, and was still full until around 7.30ish for dinner). the beef one today was definitely at last 1/2 the size of the meat from the burger on monday. 

also almost forgot to get my 3 free wicked wings from kfc today. took them home for my bro. it's way too fattening for me =/ 

got whatsapped (and then emailed) into training today. yay free wrapping paper! i should get more, haha. 

i was planning/planned to have these appointments etc, but time doesn't permit =/

when it gets to above 30 degrees, i can't think properly. all i think about is i'm going to suffocate in the heat ):

apples once a year sale is tomorrow. too bad i'm out all day ): the thing i want is about $50, but even if discounted, i think i'll still be able to buy it from hk/america for a cheaper rrp. don't judge, but i think i finally figured why apple has the once a year sale. it coincides with their thanksgiving holiday, and it's just before the christmas season. i just hope exams don't clash...and i'll be able to experience america's thanksgiving sales. if you think boxing day sales are cheap, and hk sales are super cheap, well apparently in american sales, they are unbelievably cheap. (even without some public holiday, branded american stuff is still super cheap).

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