Friday, November 15, 2013

Royal Randwick Ballroom and Snag and Stand

didn't manage to get a pic of the exam room, but will try to on tues since i'm there again. it's sooo massive! it fitted 5 exams, and each exam had about 150 people. biggest exam room i've been to for uni, bigger than the halls at uni.

ahh, visn. i hope i pass. i know i didn't write enough, just like last time ))): sitting there thinking of what to write, while some people finished in an hour or left half an hour early. i only just finished, and my sentences were probs disjointed. and they mark harshly, like how can you explain why mid sem average was 50%? it was a doable test, but i just don't get how people can write a full page of stuff, and if i copied out my notes, it wouldn't even fit a whole blank page for you to fill up.

i think i'm a pro at getting to the racecourse and back asap. the trick is to run out of the exam room, and leave through the side gates, where it leads to the earlier bus stops, since even public buses get filled up by the time it reaches the second bus stop.

had to wait half an hour for my bus home, so decided to get lunch at snag and stand-first time. i wanted to get a beef sausage, but the other ones with fnacy toppings cost more and were pork/chicken, and i just wanted a beef sausage. and the other beef sausage had "super spicy" horseradish, not sure if i could tolerate it...
australia fare-$7.50

opted for the most basic cheese and tomato hot dog. tbh, this place is overrated. the sausage was lean but still had flavour and not overly seasoned, cheese was soft, but the bread wasn't toasted enough/had too much butter for my liking. prefer lowenbrau's sausages more.

7.30am in the city. that little guy on the right is jai.

thunderstoms are so cool on iphone! the lighting actually flashes like in real life. took me a good few minutes to screenshot that lightning, disappeared quickly as well. it was actually bright like a flash light/like real lightning, and as usual, heaps of rain falling on the screen.

bro gone to camp again. aww yeah, peace for the weekend to study the ever important optics.

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