Monday, November 25, 2013

Parlour Burger, Thor 2, Anderson's of Denmark Ice Cream, Kinn Thai, Max Brenner

wow, massive day today. long post (sorry)

so ever since exams ended, for breakfast i either have a piece of fruit or no breakfast at all since i would wake up at around morning tea time, then just decide to wait for lunch. 

it was sunny this morning, then started to sprinkle when we just got on the bus, then it fully poured when we were on the m2 around macquarie, and then fully sunny again when we got off.

parlour burger is a new burger joint by sean connolly, he has a few restaurants, but like the new trends these days, his burger place opened today. it's on george st near the rocks. we got there a bit before 12, and there was already a line (if you remember my snap chat...). when we got there, heaps of people started pushing in, since they were all work mates, and then people said it was 500 burgers for 12-2, then another 500 for 5-7. the line moved pretty quickly, since the burgers were all pre made and wrapped in foil.

sean connolly posing for a photographer with nicely plated burgers. 

ok, so this is where the story really begins. so we rounded the corner and started to step onto the red carpet, by low and behold, a guy comes out and says they've already reached the 500 limit in only 22mins! the people in front of us moved up to their friends, some other people in front os us left, but obviously the guy remembered who were the last ones in line, and said we couldn't get them, since the person in front was already #501, and then if he let us, it wouldn't be fair to the few people behind us who also didn't listen that there were no free burgers left. so we pleaded with the guy, saying that we came from far away (unlike the business workers there), and people pushed in. then he said again it wasn't fair to the people behind us, but if the crowd behind us were ok with us getting free burgers, then he would let us. so to the random strangers who said to let us have free burgers-thanks! the people behind us just bought the burgers for $10 on a plate and nicely plated. so glad i didn't wear any branded stuff, and that my mum and i didn't look too "posh". tbh, if there were asians/curry people behind us, they would've have said "it's not fair". everyone around us did not think there would be 500 people in front, but i guess with groups of ten people pushing in, it's quite easy to get to 500...last time with the pies, ~750 were gone in half an hour. this time 500 in 22mins. you do the maths.

after the pie and gourmet burgers "disappointment", next time i will listen to my mum and start lining up at least half an hour earlier for "gourmet" free food, even if i have to wait awkwardly for half an hour. also, between 9-3, buses from home are on the hour and are slow, so we took the 11am and got there a bit before 12, if we left at 10, it would have been too early (and i wasn't even awake then...). 

when we got inside, the only choices for free burgers were chicken and beef. we got one of each.

But, when we opened it, we realised both were beef, so they put the wrong label on. i guess we were still content since we had to plead for free $10 burgers. the chicken had quinoa, but we didn't get to try it...

the original morrison burger with chipotle mayo

when we were in the cinemas, i started to eat mine. when i watch something, i don't look at what i eat. like at home when i'm watching tv and eating lamb cutlets/steak, i don't look at what colour it is after the initial bite. only when my mum notices some blood in the meat, then i stop eating it and re-cook it. i really don't mind rare meat. when we received the burgers, it was just warm. so when i was eating it, my mum noticed that the burger's patty was quite pink, and for mince meat, it's not good to be pink. then i looked at the bun, and noticed it wasn't toasted/fried/baked like how the other people's buns were. if you compare these buns to chur burgers, or even the one we had at The Grounds last week, this bun is very white. it hasn't even been toasted. can't complain, since they already pre made these, and i think they quickly warm it up/toast/fry them as they started giving away free burgers and just before it reaches people. so when the guy gave us free burgers, he probably went inside and got the burgers on the side which weren't properly cooked in the middle yet. so i only ate a bit of it, however, the meat is quite lean, and the sauce has a nice spicy kick to it.

large pearl milk tea-$3 with a cute carry handle

used the group on, hence why it's $3. first time having share tea, and with these type of chains, i always try their pearl milk tea. it's not that great. the best thing about it is that this one is the less sweet, but it doesn't have enough tea flavour and not milky enough, hanse was slightly watery. decided to share it with my mum.

thor was good! so many unexpected things/surprises. don't know which one i like better...ahh cliffhangers...i really like the actor since he used to be from home and away (used to be obsessed, like how i used to love bec cartwright and kate ritchie). loki's personality is so funny. live the extra addition of captain america. i forgot loki could change appearances... i bought a telstra ticket online for $10, then i went to the online booking and skipped the massive queue to buy a student monday card $8 w/ my discounted gift card. you see, splitting up purchases is good. i get to skip that 30+ people line w/ only two people at the counter =D

started to rain when we walked out. it wasn't heavy rain, but it was heavy wind, so my small and light (and weak) umbrella broke ): ). ran to darling harbour. used the group on voucher for ice cream at Anderson's of Denmark.

waffle with danish nougat $9, added an extra scoop of raspberry sorbet for $2, sunday basket: passionfruit, boysenberry, baileys and almond w/ a bit of cream and chocolate-$9.50

the voucher was for $20, so we maximised it (: no wonder why my cousin said messina is not expensive. at the star, 3 sccops is $7.5, here 2 regular (bigger sized) scoops is $7.50. 
the flavours are quite clear, and actually not that sweet. the waffles and the waffle basket were actually much sweeter. so glad i only asked for a little bit of maple syrup and icing sugar. that's why i don't like adding toppings to ice cream/froyo, it ruins/takes away the main flavour of the ice cream. this ice cream wasn't too creamy, so you don't feel too guilty about eating 5 scoops between 2 people. whilst we were eating, it started to pour again. when we went out, it was raining with heavy wind ): it wasn't too cold since i still felt warm after ice cream in a shirt and shorts.

went back and home then out again for 2 hours of dance. for troupe next year, the u14s girls are joining the opens, and there were so many people. argh, my memory is so bad after not using it for dance for over 2 weeks...also, our principal managed to get a past contestant from sytycd australia (unfortunately not America), but still, we've never had someone from tv/kind of known person before. his dances have so many parts and quite different. 

went to Kinn Thai in castle towers with my monday night dance class. this place was originally called Red Spoon, but apparently they changed the name about 1.5 years ago. it's still pretty nice. service was pretty good, like they came and served you rice. i was the only one taking pictures of food =/ don't ask me what the dishes were, i didn't order. pad thai was alright, but i accidentally got some chilli flakes and it was so hot! the chilli jam soft shell cram was soooo good. the wagyu beef salad also had chilli flakes and seeds which i didn't see, so that was quite hot. i had a bit of the curry which was quite nice. all the other dishes had chilli, but it actually wasn't that chilli. i think my chilli tolerance has increased guys! i can have almost everything that other people ordered, it's just my accidental dipping some pad thai into chilli flakes...but the chilliness subsided after a while, and i didn't have to drink heaps of water (: castle towers/the hills area is not cheap for food. a pad thai here is $17, whilst in the city you can get it for $6 discounted, or ~$8, same size, about the same taste. so for dinner, it was $19 a person, which isn't too bad since it's castle hill. (like coffee at towers is about $5)

haven't been to towers in ages! apparently they're having a $20m carpark upgrade. in level 2 cinema car park, they have those lights like in westfield to tell you if a car has parked or not. it's a bit dodgy since i past at least 4 cars whose lights were still green...went to park on level 1. i was thinking, why is it so full on a monday night? turns out they blocked level 3 carpark since they were starting to install the lights. also, the castle hills train station, wow, they cleared all the trees, flowers, water feature etc, it's such a big empty piece of land. by the time i graduate, they probs still wouldn't have finished.

people wanted to go max brenner next door, and i didn't really want to since i've already had heaps of sweet stuff today, but what could i do..? watch people eat..?

dark hot choc-$5.50

last time i had two free milk hot chocs, and they were so sweet. i was solo glad this dark choc was actually dark and was hardly sweet. quite good with nicely frothed milk, and it's actually my first time using the hug mug. basically the two hours of dance and the walk from the rocks side of George st to town hall was kinda pointless with all the food i full as you would expect. i didn't even have time to reheat the burger i got from lunch...

it was good to talk with dance people, since when you go to dance, there's never really a chance to talk. i never knew some people were already graduating this year/next home at 10.30...
s you would expect. i didn't even have time to reheat the burger i got from lunch...i have been telling myself to save money, but i guess with some social stuff you have to spend a bit. but it's pretty good since we got two tickets for $18, and half price ice cream/milk tea and burgers supposedly worth $20 total, and even though it's not cooked properly, at least i got to try the flavours.

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