Saturday, November 23, 2013

1st 21st

i've had to turn down some 21st during this year and hsc/yr12, so today i finally went to a 21st party. 

he hired a community centre, but the main attraction was the jumping castle! it wasn't a tiny one like those at o-week, but it was quite big and had goals either end, so people played soccer/rugby/threw the ball everywhere. once his uni friends got off, us church friends finally went on since it was slightly less violent. forgot how tiring jumping can didn't have any walls, so if people slipped/leaned on the sides, the walls would fall down....

the speeches were the best! ahh, so funny, getting to know their funny/dodgy/drunk moments. laughed so hard for over 20mins (: he has so many friends! the hall was packed, over 200 people. the photo booth was so fun (: i think almost every 21st has a photobooth of some kind, so it was nice to have one here as well. food was alright, can't expect too much with these big parties. for dessert, there was some melted chocolate and fruits/marshmallows to dip in. i didn't eat much. so full from yday! 

so much fun

homemade cake

the theme was black and blue. i just wore a tank/long top from dance. i should have worn this other top...but then again, i'll save the nicer tops for parties for those who are closer. seriously, you have to strategise all the nice clothes you wear. i'm not saying that repeating dresses is bad, but most of the time, i recognise who/what dresses they repeat, and if i've seen someone else wear it before, and then i know it's a "mainstream" dress/top. i still have quite a few dresses to yet wear...but for one dress, i can wear it to parties/wedding/dinners, all which have different groups of people, before i start repeating that dress. so if you strategise what/where you where a dress, you can wear it at least 4 times. the again, once people takes photos and upload it, people will see that dress, but i'm talking about people seeing you irl, haha.

the thing is, if i have a 21st, it would be pretty empty since i have no friends, ok i do have some friends but not a lot ): also, i don't think i do stupid/funny stuff, so there's nothing interesting to say on my 21st. maybe i'll just be boring and have a simple dinner, but then again, i love parties/birthdays...apparently there were clashing receptions and another 21st tonight, yet heaps of people still made it to this party.

you know, it's usually the closest of friends who help set up/make food/stack chair/clean up etc. 

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