Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Year Not Over

i think i have post-finals depression. it's a head-achy, feeling like you're going to throw up, knowing others have repeated and you will most likely repeat, being sad at not not knowing but forgetting how to do almost every single exam. if i don't receive an email for any of my subjects about getting a supp exam, well i probably have failed this sem. now that i think about it, they only give supp exams for sick people/people who have done well during the semester, and with mid sems wasn't a good round for me either.

ahh, so, so angry at my stubborn brain that freezes during exams. it happened more this sem than last sem. i know something shouldn't be like that, but i couldn't think of it. it doesn't help that the person in front of you finished/left an hour early, then over ten people left more than half an hour early as well. if i redid the paper, i would be able to do most of it, but my brain just froze up. something to do with uni exams and the pressure i'm putting on myself, that if i can't get a credit, i've got nowhere to go...i don't even know why my brain stops working, like i do study...

they used some of the same questions as our practice ones, but i forgot how to do the first part, so couldn't do all the "easy" 4 markers they repeated, then all the "easy" stuff we learnt before, i forgot them. and what i'm scared about most is not even able to redeem myself with a supp exam, since i almost failed the mid sem. last sem, my optics got scaled to a distinction, but right now, i'm just hoping to pass first year.

impulse went to tom n toms because it was pretty hot in the arvo.
iced green tea latte large-$4.95

it's not that great tbh. way too much ice. not enough green tea, and a bit on the watery side. maybe because i got a large, but the flavour of the green tea was definitely not as strong/bitter as chanoma, and it wasn't really sweet either.

i actually have heaps to blog about, but i am actually worried sick about failing. my head still hurts ):

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  1. Trust God! I'll be praying for the supplementary exam, that you can take it! God's got it all planned out :)