Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Study Habits

my brother had his accelerated HSC geo exam today. he said it was alright. i had never seen him study so hard before. well, just the week before. like, i went on fb more than him =/ just over a week ago, he was still chill. i remember when i finished chem, i had heaps of work to catch up on, and so should he, but now he's clicking on this thing called "take me to another useless website". wow, that is the biggest waste of time.

he's the complete opposite of me. he can't study at home, and has to go library/study groups. i have to study at home/can't study anywhere else, and if i go to study groups i ask more than help (actually, i only ask for help...). he wastes money on transport going to places to study. i tried to not even use the car during finals. during the HSC, living room was mine, during his HSC so far, the dining room+table is his. that's cause dad and him bought a crap corner desk from ikea a few years ago, which mum and i always compare to my pretty decent non-corner ikea table. he listens to music whilst he studies, i need complete silence (hence i can't study outside the house). he still wastes time eating slowly during exams, i try to eat faster than normal. he "indulges" himself in outside food before exams, i eat whatever is at home during exams, and "indulge" myself after. (the foods before don't count since my uncle came over. now he's off on a cruise to NZ, and coming back on the last of my finals).

and he got his jersey already! it's pretty good, apparently his friends thought of it for him back in yr7-Anjolina Joeli, something along the lines of that. his nick name is "jolly joel", and yeah, i think you can figure the rest out. i remember getting my jersey in may of yr 12...

i don't feel that stressed about finals...yet. chem's first up. i remember feeling so horrid/counting pages of marks lost last semester, but it turned out to be one of my best subjects, since they obviously scaled it. not sure if they'll scale this sem. for mid sem, average was 10/15, they didn't scale that either. i missed out on some of the most important organic chem lec, nts: never skip organic chem. finding intermediates with random stuff is annoying. so glad we don't do normal chem since theirs is harder. sometimes you can just see the isomers, other times you don't. it really depends on the day. and the babs component of chem is mc, but it's going to be so tricky...

i'll feel stressed on saturday. i know it. a whole day gone to dance. from 12pm to 10pm. i think one year i tried to bring notes to the dance concert, yeah, that didn't turn out too well.

congrats again Ophelia! ahh, i regret going to other fellow blogger's baptisms. don't know why i didn't...i think this was my first time going to another Church's baptism. it's interesting to see how things are done slightly differently, but when it comes down to it, they all have the same purpose (:

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