Sunday, October 20, 2013

the other day i finally put earrings in after about 6 months (can't have jewellery for dance comps, and i'm too lazy to continually take them out/put them in), since that night i had a sudden freak out that my holes were closed, and i was partly right. i had to force the earring through the back part, and then there was blood. and my antiseptic stuff expired a while ago. i'm so paranoid with earrings, even though it's been over 6 years now. i never wear cheap earrings to sleep, and i only wear cheap earrings on occasions. most of the time i wear the "safe" ones where they're super hard to put in and take out, the ones which you can showers/go swimming and won't rust etc. never had an infection, but i want to prevent it from happening. anyways, it's still hurting today, and i took the earrings out, and then i think i scraped of this layer, and moreee blood. you see, i'm use to blood from my super long nose bleeds, but blood from places like your ear, yeah i'm paranoid. hope it doesn't get infected.

the english congregation is having a masquerade themed night, but it's during finals. (why is everything masquerade these days?) and the person asked me if i could help out to teach dancing. lool. i only learn, and the dancing i learn is not the party type of partner type.

someone's home made cake. solid effort.

it was really good. it had eddible glitter as well (: inside was a strawberry and vanilla layer. frosting was a bit sweet, but still good (: this guy came up from melbourne where he's studying post-grad med just to celebrate his bday back in syd, and someone made this cake for him, and since he's going back to melb tmr, he decided to bring the cake to church. yay cake (: still have some zumbo cake in the fridge (; ahh, so good.

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