Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Apple's Survey (No. 2)

just for the record, even though i did go out everyday except for one day in the break, i wasn't partying all the time. i don't think i even met up with people. well i did go uni 2/3 times, and this week i have 3 days of uni! (well skipping two hours on fri...) but it makes up for it....just so much other stuff in the break. oh, and also, i hate group work.

the only surveys i do are ones written by bloggers i know.

1) What is a first world problem that would bother you very much? 
i think i have a lot. well, if i was to pick one for today, it would be that tripview didn't tell me that m2 services between 10-3pm only started from clarence st, town hall. so i walked allll the way from one side of central, then to railway square to find that the guy said you either wait half an hour or go to town hall, then i was thinking of catching the free shuttle bus, but i didn't recall seeing any since they cancelled some services for the parade, so then i bumped into some friends, and then i walked to town hall. i hate being so limited without a mymulti. ended up not catching the m2 buses, but my normal bus, since they added additional services today.
2) Predict a song that, in ten years, will remind you of 2013.
 i listen to radio songs, which is not often since i hardly drive these days cause of uni. yeah, idk. btw, can't wait for glee this week. it's the ep where they dedicate it to cory/finn. going to be so sad, but the songs are going to be dnm.

3) Favourite mode of procrastination?
going on my phone

4) Name something that piles up for you.
things to do list, places to go eat list (does this count?).

5) Upload or link a picture that makes you happy.
foood. sorry, ceebs, just scroll down for photos of macarons and cake etc.

6)   Do you use bookmarks (as in physical bookmarks)?
for my own books-yes. use all my nice ones (: for library books, if they're old i'll dog ear them/use an old bookmark. for newer library books, i still use old bookmarks.

7)  How are you feeling about approaching the second decade of your life?
old. but i still look like i'm 15, so idk, mixed feelings.

8) If you could be born as a different nationality, which would you choose?
probs white/european. or a halfie (because halfies are so pretty! have you ever met an ugly halfie? well i haven't). my uncle's friend's daughter, who i've met, and i've probably said this before is half french half indian, but lives in shanghai and can speak other languages not of her nationality. something like that.

9) Slightly dry rice or slightly soggier rice?
probs soggier.

10) Avocado. Describe your associations with this word.
yummmmm. good in any sandwich.  

11)  If you could change one thing about the Year 12 formal, what would you change?
the weather. couldn't take a proper photo of the limo and full length shots since it was all raining and gross ): i love taking photos of these stuff.

12)  Describe your favourite place to drive.
don't have one. i like driving on motorways/highways though. going at such a fast speed =D and it's easy, not steering required (:

13) Name a store that you used to love visiting when you were younger.
Build-a-bear. always visited it, but never got one, and never got invited to a party. i think i'm like the only one whose never had a build-a-bear. ):

14)  What is the nicest thing your dad has done for you?
so many things. actually everything. all my money comes from him. like you can't survive without money to buy the simple things in life. and he works hard as well.

15) Name something that you should be good at by now but are not yet.
passing interviews. no jks.

16) Do you need a haircut?
not yet. dance concert coming up=need long hair to not having bits and pieces coming out. you know, i've had my hair layered ever since yr 3, but i think i'm at the stage where straight-ish cut is just fine. i read somewhere that for a girl/ particularly woman, when something big comes/occasions up in their life, they change their haircuts. so true. well not for me, but i see it in my friends.

17) Name something you have an acquired taste for.
probs coffee. now i don't hate it, but i don't want to love it. since if i did love it, i would crave it/can't focus on getting work done, and also, it would cost another my multi ticket each week. and apparently if you drink too much coffee, you're more prone to getting arthritis/not good for you.

18) Besides the obvious, where is a sensitive place you do not like to be touched?.
when people "zap" you waist. it doesn't tickle for me, it hurts.

19) What is the best hug you have been given this year? 

20) When you go to a cafe, what do you order?
chai latte (i hate it when people think chai is coffee, IT'S NOT!), mocha or cap. 
NO SUGAR. you're supposed to enjoy the natural spices/good quality coffee beans (if you go to places with good stuff). sugar just makes it sweet, like why not drink a juice or a soft drink. same with wine, if you don't like the taste, just go for coke.

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  1. aww, your transport issues. D:

    i've never had a build-a-bear, or ever gone into the store either.

    i have never had an interview, so i'm probably worse than you.
    you can do it! persevere! :D