Friday, October 11, 2013

Ramen Burger and Shangri-la Hotel Lobby Lounge

going back to Happy Apple's survey, for the best place to drive, i would say the Great Ocean Road. i personally didn't drive on it, but when we road tripped down to melbourne, we also went on it and wow, it's such a scenic drive! soooo beautiful. the seas, the view, the landscape. apart from food, i think  blue scenic ocean views make me happy. the road is actually pretty dangerous, some parts are soooo narrow, and super winded and steep, and from memory, it takes skills to drive on some parts of the road. i remember we were only about a 3 hour drive until we reached south australia. so close yet so far...but if you ever head down to victoria, great ocean road is the best for a scenic drive.

didn't have brekkie, slept in =/ for lunch i had an avocado sandwich and an apple. eating minimal since i know that at night, i would consume a lot of fat and sugar. skipped uni today. no lab today, so skipped 1 hour of phys lec, and 1 hour of problem solving, which i have't been since like week 4. went to night markets again. decided to get something since i already trekked it to the city. so nice meeting up with Bitter and Tracy.

original beef ramen burger-$12.50

nothing is worth it in the noodle markets, and everything is smaller, but i saw quite a lot of people lining up/saw people eating it before, and it's the first ramen burger i've seen, so i had to give it a try. the bottom is pretty black, but i guess they had to make it more black for extra crunch. it's a pretty interesting concept. the sweet chilli was more on the chilli side, but i could handle it. it had like red onion, corn, mayo stuff. not fully filling, but the oil in it fills you up.

let's do dessert at shangri-la lobby lounge: milk chocolate delice, passionfruit curd, grue cacao crunch, salted caramel, roast hazelnut, honey thyme pear strawberries ‘n’ crème graffiti lollipop and Brown Brothers dessert wine-$20

yum (: not the best dessert i've ever had, but it's decent. so glad i started from left to right. chocolate delice wasn't too sweet, the glass thing had interesting stuff in it (guys, i think the salted caramel was incorporated into the mousse, since that was on top of the hazelnuts...). the mousse in there was pretty sweet....the lollipop was quite cute. mine was missing a piece of white chocolate ): feeling ripped off, nah, it was ok in the end, since the white chocolate was super sweet. pretty interesting strawberries and cream filling with more rice bubble like mini ball inside for texture. couldn't taste any thyme. i think the pear was super subtle. dessert wine is good, nice and sweet and still taste the wine, but not overly sweet like a sugary drink (:

less than a month till exams, and haven't started studying. oh dear. going out to eat way too much. for one of my courses, they have an accumulated mark, and i am close to failing the course, so there is no room for error in the finals. i don't even know if i can get a credit average this sem, and it's only first year D= i've been following/doing stuff, but nothing is sinking in. ok, if i say this here, i will commit to it: i won't go out for anymore food or watch tv shows online. they did their tribute episode of glee today for cory montieth. it was just everyone crying and singing, but i do feel for them. i guess this is a good time to stop and focus on study, since no advancement has made in terms of plot lines, so i won't be side tracked thinking about stupid things whilst i study (:

so the past 2 days i've spent over $50 on food. i keep telling myself i will pay my parents back. i probably won't, but i will definitely shout them something with my own money sometime. i think there's more satisfaction in spending and consuming stuff that you've earned.

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