Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bushfires in Spring

nothing has been going into my head. yeah, freaking out. i guess what sucks is that i have my first exam during stu-vac. also dance concert during finals=whole saturday gone.

i have no idea how i am going to survive in summer. trying to wear minimal stuff already. and also bushfires =/ already houses lost and it's not even summer yet! yeah, definitely hate summer. summer=nosebleeds, sweat, humidity 50%+, grossness, insects everywhere, crickets/insects chirping at night=sleepness nights, no energy to do anything. the only positive is that when i wake up, it's so hot (if i don't have the air con on) and i am forced to get out of bed.

just some snapshots from my camera. i didn't take many pics on that "dust" day a few years ago, so decided to take more "smoke" phots today. so glad i tied my hair up/didn't wash my hair yday. felt so gross after being at uni the whole day with smoke/dust/dirt and strong winds everywhere.

library level 9

i think i got the redness.

on the bus at about 7. didn't take any purple/pink, or fierce red/blue sunsets w/ smoke, wasn't possible ):

at night, the moon was orange. bad pic since the spot light behind me turned on, so couldn't focus properly (and i really wanted to go inside and shower)

weather app as accurate as ever. the smoke moved in the background!

i probably had more to say, but i forgot. spent well over an hour on a stupid quiz which doesn't count towards anything but it's a hurdle ie compulsory. i hate them. waste of time, but if we don't do them, we fail. 

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