Thursday, October 24, 2013

busiest 1pm 1hr break

busiest day by far. 

normally i have a 9-6 day on thursday, but skipped a tute (no one knew it was one/no one went, since there were tute class yday, and people put up the sheets, so i could skip it). this meant i only had 2 breaks between 11-6.

normally in my 1pm break, i only had one thing. all of a sudden this morning, i had 4 things to go to in 1 hour, ie impossible. so couldn't go tbt this week ): and even though Better came, couldn't meet up with her (sorry!). and we had to practice our group presentations as well, since it was on at 2pm, and we did not rehearse it even once. then a friend surprised us after phys with max brenner, so how could i not resist the offer!? haven't had it since their opening. so in my 1 hour, i split it between eating and rehearsing. didn't tell my group since they probs would've killed me if they knew i was eating instead of rehearsing (luckily i didn't have many lines..)

don't know which photos to delete from my phone! btw, the new nokia phone has 41mp. that's crazy! like 6 of my photos almost equals one of theirs. i already have about 1/4 of my phone gone to only photos/videos.

she ordered three choc-banana pizzas, and three strawberry dips. 

i would have like variety, but hey, i'm not paying. had to eat quickly to practice..

the group that won had a really good video with funny sound effects, but the other half of their presentation was normal. last year they had an arvo tea after the presentations, this year the co-ordinator couldn't find a room. bull, they probs just want to save money. and first prize last year was $50 each in cash, this year probs the same, but no runner ups...

ah, stupid 45min exam tomorrow. 3 hours travelling time for a test worth about 5%. then again, every mark counts. i'm literally just passing all my subjects D= (but i'm not the only one...) not good at babs, even through it's mc. pretty sure i bombed out in babs last sem because of mc, had to guess so much =/ 

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