Tuesday, October 8, 2013

fail rates

gg. mid sem averages: visn-57% (range 21-91), optics ~50%.

i felt bad after both exams, more in optics, and i guess i wasn't the only one. they were going over some feedback, and for this question, only 5/150 got it right. same with these other question with hidden tricks, but apparently if we "read carefully" then we wouldn't skip them, but there's no time to even read the question properly! chem was 60ish, but that came out a few weeks ago. no mid sem for phys, which is a good and bad thing i guess.

so scared. fail rates are so damn high. there's at least 6 people repeating first year. then in 2nd and 3rd year, ~60$ of the year takes a supplementary exam, and then about 20-30% fail/drop off each year. so by the time you get to 4th year, there's less or about 50% of your original cohort left. and with out year, since it started off super big compared to other years, they are sure damn keen to cut off numbers. why do they even accept so many people in the first place?

believe me, i do try. i actually do study.

i hope i survive. but as i said, if i fail a course, i will join everything at uni.

jks. i'm so annoyed/pissed at this one thing "money can't buy". you know for every interview: volunteering, med, scholarships, phone etcetc, i haven't passed a single one. i can write well and know what they want for me to get to the interview stage, but then i can't talk well under pressure. so, joining heaps of volunteering things/extra curricular at uni is actually quite hard, so many freakin interviews.

on a lighter note, SMH good food month! and night noodle markets start tomorrow. couldn't go last year cause of HSC. then all the top hatted and normal restaurants have "specials" just for this month. i found what Ophelia had on Saturday, the 2nd guest eats free. sooooo many choices. i probs won't go to the higher end lunches, since i would rather pay more and have a four course than only one course of fish w/ wine, even though it's discounted. ie, one dish at aria for lunch is 46, but their lunch offer is 38. then again, if i find a restaurant i like and they have food which is super appealing, i might go...skipping a lecture on fri, but probs end up going to the city for foood. pretty sure high tea is the same price, and dinner is still expensive, but the chefs try to do something different, like Peter Guilmore is making spicy stuff. breakfast, and brunch and desserts look so goooooood! which ones to go to?

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