Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad air and Mavericks

i kind of like the ring to the name-ipad air.

a few weeks ago, i was thinking how ugly the previous ipads looked compared to the ipad mini since the border was quite thick, whilst the mini is quite thin and sleek. well, after today's (yday for US) announcement, the ipad air is so much more thinner and lighter, and the border is thinner as well (: i've thought about getting an ipad, but i haven't come up with many uses for it, so for now, i will save up that $600+. prices of everything have gone up compared to past release prices, usually prices stay the same, and old stuff go cheaper, but not this year.

and yay mavericks! and it's free! so glad i didn't update to lion or mountain lion. i was sooo close to paying the $20 to upgrade to mountain lion earlier this year, but then our itunes account has only a few dollars left, and i ceebs to top up, so i just waited for this year's new software update (: haven't updated yet, don't think i will, no time to wait for the few gbs to download and install (not sure how long it'll take/can't waste time playing with the new software). and now if you buy any macs, you get ilife and iwork for free. i had to pay for those (but i got them for a discounted price back then...)

as always, go to the apple website for specs. i would say more about what i think about the new stuff announced, but no time. i am so screwed =/ actually failed a 25% exam... ): i now understand why over 6 people repeated first feels like commerce is an easy degree where "everyone passes and no one fails" but i don't do commerce. how to pass finals?

dad's birthday today, but he went on a business trip. he whatsapped me photos of nice cafe food ):

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