Friday, October 25, 2013

i guess i won the competition for last person left on my table. i left with 4 min to go. there were about 80ish people in the lab, by the time i left, there were less than 10. its one of those tests where you have time, but you still don't know how to do it, and if you try, you're still not sure. always 2/5 options which are close. not sure how accurate my guesses were. i actually didn't bother putting in heaps of effort, and in finals, the babs component in the chem course is MC as well. i can't memorise stuff these days...

i find it funny how prince george had to wear a dress.

there was a fire truck on the street just outside my street today. it was really smoky in the arvo, so they were obvs doing back burning, but its weird how the truck was pretty close to houses...

also, a random dog went into a driveway today. it was a big-ish golden retriever, and it just sat there. never seen that dog before, i know every single dog in my street and the houses around my house. obviously someone left their gate open. and the other day, our neighbours rottweiler went all the way up to our front door. it looked calm, but whenever it's in their backyard barking, it's ferocious. after all, they are the "dangerous dogs". (the neighbours also left their gate open, first time ever that massive mean looking dog crossed the border/fence into out property).

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