Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oliver Brown

it's so weird when you first meet new people, and they tell you their life story.

spontaneous trip to Oliver Brown today in my own suburb! first time, and went with parents, bro isn't interested in this type of stuff. i said yday that i won't go out to eat, but today i went out to i'll say here i won't go out to eat or drink from now till end of finals.

iced milk chocolate-$7.50, iced dark mocha-$7.80, dark hot choc-$6

there were around 10 people working there, and it wasn't super busy, but we still had to wait for someone at the counter to come. more than half the people there were just talking/chilling, and you could tell most of them were new. who doesn't greet customers? and the drinks didn't come at the same time. also, the girl held the hot chocolate with 2 hands like how i would hold it-afriad that it will spill.

i had the iced milk choc. didn't come with a scoop of ice cream. it actually wasn't sweet, probs because they added a lot of ice. it was ok. nothing spectacular. the mocha was definitely more on the coffee side, and the dark choc was subtle. it suited my dad since he just wanted some coffee, but i told him when you go to a chocolate cafe, you have to at least order something with chocolate. the dark hot choc was the sweetest by far, we weren't sure if they accidentally gave us milk choc or not. you could taste some dark choc in it, but it was pretty sweet for dark choc.

last eisteddfod of the year today! came 2nd and 3rd. didn't bother waiting for the ribbons. was sooo stuffy in there.

did nothing today ):

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