Monday, October 31, 2016

Pana Chocolate

Finally made my way down here to try these raw, vegan, handmade chocolates without going all the way down to Melbourne. There's some seating to have your cakes and chocolatey goodness, but most people generally buy things to take home. Unfortunately it was a warm day, and the cakes would've melted by the time I got back home, so decided to share a slice at the place.

Lime and lemongrass cake-$9.50

It's actually tiny in real life, around 6/7cm, and for that price, yes, it is very expensive. Well life is too short to not eat cake, especially when it's made with organic, health and guilt free ingredients. It is good quality as you would expect for that price. It was fragrant with a good hint of lemongrass and lime, and super smooth texture from the coconut oil. A little bit of crunch from the nut based biscuit base but wasn't too hard to bite into. Worth giving a go.

Chocolate block-$6.90

Yes, almost $7 for 45g chocolate is normally not worth, but this was super smooth without the richness/creamy/buttery/fatness you find in normal choc or even in some dark chocs. There were some tiny fig seeds in there and little bits of orange pieces for texture. It wasn't sweet at all and not overly bitter. I would actually buy blocks of this if they weren't so expensive...The foil wasn't sealed which I thought was odd.

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  1. Ooh fancy! It looks super guilt-free but man, expensive.