Saturday, October 15, 2016

running out of time ):

so i've had my phone for just over 2 weeks and it finally hit me why the lock button moved to the side every since they made the phone bigger.

it's so you can still lock your phone with one hand using your thumb, rather than trying to use your index finger to reach the top if the lock button was at the top like in older models. if you have baby hands like me, if your thumb is on the home button, you can't reach the top of the phone without adjusting your hand position, but you can still reach the side to lock your phone with your thumb.

not sure if i mentioned this before, but can't believe i've been missing out on not having a touch ID sensor, it actually is pretty useful. still miss 'swipe to unlock,'' but now if i'm on my Mum's 4s, it seems so tedious.

also, the iPhone 7 (and 6/6s) looks a lot bigger than iPhone 5/5s, but it actually isn't. only a little bit wider and taller, but they also decreased the plastic around the screen, so for a slightly bigger phone you get a lot larger screen display. it surprisingly fits into almost all of my bag/handbag pockets. still questioning myself why didn't i upgrade my phone earlier before it crashed...

don't like tempered glass screens cause it feels a lot thicker, and it covers the front camera, but using a normal screen protector was way too hard to put on and filled with too many bubbles...

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  1. Oh gosh, the bubbles :( In Asia, I get them the storekeeper to help put it on for me :)