Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Inferno Grill and Cafe

I think it's good to make an effort to go to some places to eat during uni since the working life won't allow such freedom to go and explore. Decided to finally come here to try the burgers. I used an Ompty deal which was $15 and included a particular burger, chips and drinks (chose a juice, but there's beers/wine available as well). Yep, always looking to have good food at cheaper prices.

(btw, none of my food posts are endorsed. I'm too poor and unfit to be a full time food blogger who gets freebies from people...)

They weren't too busy around lunch time. Service was friendly and attentive.

The Clucking Pig: crispy chicken, bacon, coleslaw, chilli, aioli (normally $12)+ side of chips

I heard this was one of the best chicken burgers in Sydney. I normally don't get chicken but opt for beef when I have burgers, so it was nice to try some chicken. It was indeed crispy, and moist inside, with heaps of steam coming out when you cut into it (just wanted to dissect it). It looks pretty tall, but you can still hold a half of it in your hand to eat, so structure was decent. The chicken pieces were thin, but they gave you 2. Would have liked more coleslaw to help balance out the saltiness from the chicken. I asked for a bit less chilli sauce which was a good idea, since I could still get the chilli kick from it without reaching to grab something to drink. The bread top was a bit thinner, but it was average, not brioche and milky. Aioli wasn't too creamy or dense. Overall burger was nice but not mind blowing.

Loved this style of thick cut chips, but could have been more potatoey in some parts. Good crunch and not overly seasoned. They also gave you more aioli on the side to dip. 

quite of lot of other meats, sides and salads available, all looked really good


was too full to try their home made ice cream...

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