Friday, October 14, 2016

There's 3 more weeks until final starts, and yes, I am freaking out. 

Actually, the past week was spent eating free Grill'd burgers, but I literally walk past it everyday, so wasn't really a waste of time. Just 15min to make, 15min to eat, and I normally eat my sandwiches in 15min, so only 'wasted' 15min waiting. But never waiting over 1.5hrs for Grill'd burger ever again, which I have done about 4years ago....200% satisfied any burger cravings, so won't get distracted during finals lol

Apart from the assignment that was due today, there's at least 2 other assignments/thinga to be submitted, and around 2 other hurdles/stuff to type before I can actually start studying for finals. There's so much stuff I don't know where to stuff, and not enough time. Working both weekends for the next 2/3wks as well, so no time to study then.

I actually haven't been stressing/freaking out as much relatively, compared to previous semesters, but worried about everything now, especially with some concepts, you can't just route learn...

I did manage to get some free tea last week (worth over $20, but this stuff they don't sell anymore since it was last season). Goodbye to being a top tier T2 society member, not that I got many benefits anyway...


I didn't realise picking a place for preceptorship next year would be so confusing. When you factor in marks, I know for sure I'm not in the top 4-8 to go to NYC ): Can't believe I only get max 2 more chances to see patients then I'm done for the year! Time sure does go past quickly

Also side note, got my first ColourPop today, and wow, I really like it! I think all of you know I'm not a make-up type of girl, but 3 dabs of the matte lip finish and it goes a long way, so don't have to use as much. It's an alright price as well.

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  1. I'd also say I don't enjoy liquorice as a flavour but in tea it's quite good :) Adds a sweetness.