Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The stress is real. I know I should stop stressing and actually just study.

Last ever clinic for this year! Was on dispensing so didn't do much. I felt like I didn't learn much since almost all my patients were normal, but at the same time I did learn and hopefully improved a lot.

Drove to uni for the first time the whole year. I can understand why people drive to uni. After 9am there aren't any express buses from my house to the city, but there's also no traffic, which cancels out with express buses but traffic in the morning. So after 9am and taking just the harbour tunnel, can get to uni in 50min instead of 2 hours. Although driving you can't study, I feel I get distracted on the bus by just looking out the window or just sleeping...Super lucky to get a close parking spot around 5mins walk as well, even though getting to uni at around 11.

Still no idea of what to expect from some of our exams, mainly Low Vision, don't even know what is going on with the prac exam...

Had our standards test yday, and I just hope I'm not the first person to fail the course because of that exam...Clinging to my one and only Visual Field done in rotation 2 will be enough to get me over the line. Didn't realise that preceptorship choices for next year would be so conflicting...

I just realised I'll be missing the Bachelorette finale tmr since I'll be at work. Don't even want to work ):

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