Friday, October 21, 2016

Bread and Circus

My first thought when I walked in was 'Wow, this place feels so healthy!' The place uses fresh fruit and veg as decor (which makes sense if they use/cook it the day after since they have daily menu changes). Picked up a pineapple thinking it was a fake, and I was caught out by the weight and then realised everything on the table was real. There's also peppercorn, non-grounded black pepper, different types of squash. Each table has random bowls of fruit and veg.

Pimms without the pimms: preservative-free ginger beer poured over slices of cucumber, lime and seasonal fruit w/fresh mint-$6
Cold pressed juice-something green: kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery and lemon w/ ginger (large)-$8

Tea-kyoto roasted green: refreshingly bold, caramel sweetness-$5

The ginger beer did taste organic-very gingery with some soda and without being sweet like normal ginger beer. Quite pretty with the fruits in it as well. I opted for a large green juice, should have gotten small since this one was massive. I think it's still good value for a cold pressed juice. There's just something different compared to normal juice, like it doesn't 'separate' as easily, and is a bit more thicker as well without any fibrous stuff. I opted for ginger with it, and by the end it did sink to the bottom (could taste it but not see), so was quite gingery at the end. The tea had a really strong roasted green tea fragrance, couldn't really taste the sweetness, but I only had one sip. Still tasted super healthy.

food spread

Sandwich box: preservative-free bangalow pork salami w/ pickle and parmesan-$16

I don't normally get sandwiches, but this concept is quite interesting, more of a deconstructed sandwich. I wanted to try the chicken, but a friend had already tried it, and they ran out of chicken side dishes (guess I have to make another trip here). At first I was like let's not get salami because it's preservative, but i didn't read the first few words 'preservative-free.' So we opted for this since non of us have had preservative free salami before. It didn't have that chilliness in normal salami (which is good), and definitely tasted less salty and not as fatty. Since it was served cold, it was less oily as well. Some papaya and cabbage salad at the bottom. Would have liked more avo since 2 tiny slices wasn't really enough compared to the whole box. The mustard was quite spicy though.

Daily Plate: slow roasted grass fed leg lamb w/ garlic thyme rosemary served w/ daily salads-$27

I didn't realise it said daily salads, so we ended up having more of the same salads. The other daily plate sold out, so we got this to share. Lamb was tender and lean, perfectly cooked and tasted quite natural. 

Salad plate (sharing)-$25
fresh shredded cabbage sprouts kale & shiso w/ yuzu and pomegranate
green papaya salad cucumber & torn mint w/ chilli lime sea salt and crushed almond
balsamic roasted brussel sprouts and leeks w/ lemon olive oil and crunchy cavolo nero
cardamom roasted beetroot and baby spinach w/ crushed walnut goats feta and honey 

All the salads were super fresh, light and surprisingly filling. Normally when I have salad I don't put dressing, since creamy stuff taste nice but really fattening and not healthy. These were very well dressed, and heaps of different textures. Chose all except for the eggplant salad since there were chilli flakes. Hate eggplant but one somehow made it onto the plate, and it tasted alright. I also hate betroot as well, but this one had a good crunch (unlike those sloppy, drippy, tinned versions), and the way they dressed it made it super fresh. I wouldn't mind eating this type of beetroot daily. Would have liked more creaminess from the feta.

My favourite was the kale one, with some crunchy bits in-between. Couldn't really taste the yuzu or pomegranate though, just a general acidity throughout the salad. The papaya was the crowd favourite (wasn't chilli at all). The brussel sprouts were actually surprisingly delicious as well, shows that you don't need butter all the time like in MasterChef when they cook this veggie. Loved all the types of nuts as well.

Loved the fresh produce and quality of food here, and highly recommended even if you don't like salad.

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