Monday, October 3, 2016

Hectic Mid Sem Break

The mid sem break was even more hectic compared to uni, so crazy, and didn't even really catch up with people.

Monday: swimming, home, phone died
Tuesday: Apple Store, lucnh with some of the G8s, group work at uni, then event hosted by Speccies. Every time they host events, they also do it well. Canapes and drinks at Ivy, they even had 3 different desserts.
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Dinner + Aladdin
Friday: Eye Ball
Saturday: Wedding
Sunday: Work
Monday: Work, surprisingly busy. First time having an optom on a public holiday.
Tuesday: back to uni, the stress had multiplied at this stage. Nothing has been done

But at least I enjoyed myself. Just too bad nothing has been crossed off my to do list...

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  1. Man, you seemed so busy I wasn't even aware that you were on break haha!