Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cafe Oratnek

Situated amongst terraces in a slightly different part of Redfern is this cute little cafe. Walkable from Central so not too far away. Love the Asian style food with a modern and Western twist.


Matcha lamington-$5

I was expecting the lamington to be really sweet, but it actually wasn't. So light and fluffy, with a good coating of matcha and desiccated coconut. First time having a matcha lamington, and it was worth it.

small matcha latte-$4.20

The matcha here is the bitter type of matcha, close to Cre Asion's bitterness, but not quite as bitter. If you prefer sweet green tea lattes, this one's not for you. I love both bitter and sweeter versions of matcha lattes. This latte had a really authentic matcha taste, and milk frothed perfectly. 

Matcha french toast, banana chips, coconut, strawberries, matcha mousse-$15 


This is not your average french toast, it wasn't fried in egg, but had a more bread-cake texture, kind of like denser pancakes but without being too heavy or buttery. This french toast did taste a lot healthier as it wasn't oily, and there was enough bread to accompany that super light and slightly sweet matcha mousse. You could even eat the mousse by itself. The banana chips gave the dish a good crunch as well. 

200g pork fillet katsu, cabbage, Japanese bbq sauce, mustard-$12 

It was hard deciding which savoury option we should order, but opted for this sandwich (saw other tables plates, and the other dishes looked and smelt really good as well). Even after eating the french toast, the katsu still retained it's crunch. I loved how they served the sandwich on it's side, so the sauce won't soak into the pork as quickly, making it less soggy. The crumb was really thin and didn't leave an oily feel, so also felt more 'healthy'. Good portion of meat in this, and the cabbage, sauce and mustard really helped the pork flavours to shine, and without the mustard being too dominant. 

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