Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poong BBQ

A spontaneous dinner out with the fam, after a colleague telling me of this place which has 10 side dishes, I went with the fam after work. I thought only Jonga Jip had 10 sides, but good to know there are others. Normally you only get about 5 sides at other places...

10 sides!

Beef bulgogi bibimbap-$18

Relatively big portion and good price. There were heaps of different toppings, and bulgogi wasn't too marinated. This was presented in quite a wide dish, not your typical stone rice bowls.

Soybean paste, clam seafood soup w/ rice-$13

First time having Korean soup, and you could definitely taste the seafood, soybean and tofu. Came out bubbling away. Was probably a bit on the salty side for use, but luckily you have the sides and some rice to help balance it out.

Seafood pancake-$18

This is my go to dish at pretty much every Korean restaurant. This wasn't as wide as the other ones, but it was twice the depth. I think I like a thicker pancake since you get more texture out of it. Decent bits prawns but would've liked more variety in the seafood. it was loaded with spring onions, and loved the addition of the bonito flakes on top which were still moving once the dish arrived.

Service was friendly and they were happy to top up your sides (some places you can tell hold a siltent grudge against you if you top them too many times, and each time the portion is less...). Eastwood is always crazy with parking, so get here before 6pm if you want dinner and a parking spot. Or else wait until after 8 when the first round of people leave the carpark.

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  1. My family judges quality of restaurant by quality of rice. We'll have to see how Poong Nab Dong measures up with Jonga Jip's (they are pretty good)!