Monday, June 20, 2011

i sincerely hope my school laptop can connect to the projector or else i am totally utterly completely screwed for English.
i hate how the computer in the room is old and is an xp and doesn't have codecs which can't open .mov files and quicktime videos. my mac, my school laptop and my old laptop can all open that file, but no, that computer has to be gay.
and i don't have any programs to convert on my mac :'(  i spent 2.5 hours trying to convert .mov into some other file which is compatible with old windows player, but failed ): all i'm thinking is the time i've wasted.
please connect school laptop...

my dad installed a reverse parking camera in the subaru. it's different....

oh dear, maths, one thing one really suck at more than others, actually i suck at a lot of stuff....

whenever we miss dance for a week cos of public holz and when we do planks, i actuallly sink....i'm soo unfit if i miss a week of exercise

i think i should wake up earlier to see people...


  1. Your netbook's Adobe Premiere Pro Elements should be able to import a .mov (Ctrl-i), drag to timeline, and export in "Microsoft AVI" format and "Uncompressed Microsoft AVI Format" if the normal AVI doesn't work. Yes, it will give you a gigantic video file but Windows Media Player is dodgy and I'm not sure MP4 exporting is a good idea.

    Also prepare for massive netbook lag. I'd suggest Media Encoder, except I don't think netbook has that.

  2. Oh yeah if you export as compressed AVI you can change the video codec in the video tab. Cinepak and Indeo encodings are the most reliable, but exporting it as an uncompressed AVI is hopefully guaranteed to work

  3. Connecting the laptop to the projector in *your* classroom is quite easy, except that you have to fiddle a LOT with the cables. Uhm, I don't know if there's anyone in your class who knows how to do it, last year, I configured it all =/

    Basically, you need the green sound jack, and also the blue projector monitor.

    As for the lag, you can kill some processes with task manager. Make sure the only things running are the program you want to use (This includes windows explorer; it takes up CPU, even when idle.)

    Also, having a charger on the day mitigates the lag, because the netbook is designed to start throttling the CPU to save energy, if it's on battery.