Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i think my laptop hates baulko.
it actually died and full beeped more than norma at school. so i took it to the tso and it worked. but when i got it back it didn't work and he was like "connect to an external monitor, back up your stuff and i'll give you another laptop tomorrow" screw you. why can't they fix it?

then at home, it worked, after 15mins of beeping.
maybe i hibernated it too much.
why must it die on me when this is the second time i only used it this year? ))))):
i hope it works on thurs. because i bet the teachers would never accept "technology failure"

i got an award at the recognition assembly today (: but it was nothing academic ==
my parents always find it funny when i get a sport award for running because i'm not a runner. i remember my first award in our yr7 rec assembly was "enthusiasm and dedication in PE" my parents were like ..lol....

ahh, i don't have time to go to stocktake sales DDD= i want to find dresses, just for the sake of having a few more.....

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  1. or perhaps baulko hates your laptop.
    take out the battery and restart.