Sunday, June 26, 2011

i think i may have abused the extending margins part.
if they let us take notes in, the expectation is going to be really high (unlike last time when they gave us a hard question.....)
i still kept the same line spacing, dot point form, and 12pt times new roman font (: my thing is actually like an essay, except without the question part.....

i actually hardly got anything done today.

today a 3pm we were split into our prayer triplets and and we got playdough and had to represent one of the ten commandments. if we won we got a free movie ticket (first time there was actually an initiative of doing something since like yr6) the criterias were application, creativity and presentation.
here's what my leader and i came up with (this other girl was away so we were a two...)

all except for one person got it.
we did it on "you shall not give false testimony" so don't lie.
so basically my leader, was a ruse person who thought of this idea. there's this guy who's connected to a lie detector and the graph is a straight line which means he's not lying. and then there's a police guy pointing to a open door so that he could enter heaven.
it was a good idea except it was too "deep" and we ended up getting a 20.5. we also got bible-bashed coz this other leader said, you can lie and still go to heaven....which is true....

but the team who won had 5 people, and there were only 3 movie tickets.......they were the first group judged and i think we were tooo generous with them....

other ones had a pirate ship with music so you shouldn't pirate music (ie don't steal). this other guy copied angry birds and the playdough was really well done coz the pigs and birds actually had expression except they got 0 for creativity, twas actually quite funny. but there application was good coz you shouldn't steal the eggs....

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